Specular calcium carbonate
Product Name:Specular calcium carbonate
Product introduction :Free of heavy metals; Reduce the specific gravity of powder coating, improve the powder feeding rate, increase the spraying area

Detailed introduction

Specular calcium carbonate

Free of heavy metals; Reduce the specific gravity of powder coating, improve the powder feeding rate, increase the spraying area; Increased coverage; Replace barium sulfate, reduce production cost.

Application: in rubber industry: high light calcium has the characteristics of ultrafine and ultrapure, and effectively controls the shape and particle size in the production process, and carries on the surface modification. Therefore, it has a three-dimensional structure and good dispersion in rubber, which can improve the reinforcing effect of the material. Such as chain-like high light calcium, in rubber mixing, chain-like chain is interrupted, will form a large number of high active surface or high active point, they form a bond with the rubber long chain, not only good dispersion, but also greatly enhance the reinforcing effect. It is worth noting that it can not only be used as a reinforcing filler alone, but also can be used in conjunction with other fillers according to production requirements, such as; Carbon black, white carbon black, light calcium heavy calcium, titanium dioxide, clay, etc., to strengthen, fill, color, improve processing technology and improve the performance of products, reduce the glue rate or part of the white filler white carbon black, titanium dioxide and other expensive purpose.

"In the coating industry: can be used as pigment filler, has the advantages of fine, uniform, high whiteness, good optical properties, high light calcium has the spatial hindrance effect, in the paint, can make the formulation density of large lithopone suspension, play the role of anti sedimentation. After making the paint, the whiteness of the film increases, the gloss is high, but the hiding power does not decrease, this characteristic makes it widely used in the paint industry

In the plastics industry: due to high light calcium has high gloss, low wear rate, surface modification and oleophobic, can fill polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and phenolic plastics and other polymers, and is now widely used in PVC cable packing.

In paper industry: raw material used for coating process paper, especially for high grade copper board paper. Because of its good dispersion performance, low viscosity, can effectively improve the whiteness and opacity of the paper, improve the smoothness of the paper, softness, improve the absorption performance of ink, improve retention.

In the ink industry: as a filler, can replace the higher price of colloid calcium, and can improve the gloss and brightness of the ink.




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