Light calcium carbonate
Product Name:Light calcium carbonate
Product introduction :Light Calcium Carbonate is also known as Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC).

Detailed introduction

Light calcium carbonate

Light Calcium Carbonate is also known as Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC). Is generated by calcinations materials such as limestone lime (calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, then add water to digest lime to generate lime milk (for calcium hydroxide), and then pass into the carbon dioxide carbide lime milk calcium carbonate precipitation, finally obtained by dehydration, drying and crushing, or double decomposition reaction generated by sodium carbonate and calcium chloride calcium carbonate precipitation, It is then dehydrated, dried and crushed. Because the settling volume of light calcium carbonate (2.4-2.8 mL /g) is larger than that of heavy calcium carbonate (1.12-1.4 mL /g), it is called light calcium carbonate.

USES: Rubber industry: the amount of light calcium carbonate is used in rubber industry as early as one of the most greatly filler, light calcium carbonate filled in rubber in great quantities, can increase the volume of products, so as to save expensive natural rubber to reduce cost, light calcium carbonate filled in rubber can obtain higher than pure rubber sulfide abrasion resistance, tensile strength, tear strength, Moreover, it has significant reinforcing effect in natural rubber and synthetic lime gum, and can adjust the consistency at the same time.

Plastic industry: light calcium carbonate in plastic products can play a skeleton role, the stability of plastic products size has a great role, can improve the hardness of the products, but also can improve the surface luster and surface flatness of the products. Heat resistance can be improved by adding light calcium carbonate in general plastic products. Because the whiteness of light calcium carbonate is above 90%, it can also replace expensive white pigment to play a certain whitening role.

Paint industry: light calcium carbonate in the paint industry dosage is large, is an indispensable skeleton, in the thick paint dosage of more than 30%, phenolic enamels 4-7% in phenolic fine pattern wrinkle paint more than 39%.

Waterborne coating industry: in the application of waterborne coating industry, more widely used, can make the coating does not settle, easy dispersion, good luster and other characteristics, the amount of waterborne coating is 20-60%.




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