Nano-modified precipitated barium sulfate
Product Name:Nano-modified precipitated barium sulfate
Product introduction :High whiteness and coordination with the use of titanium dioxide.

Detailed introduction

Nano-modified precipitated barium sulfate

High whiteness and coordination with the use of titanium dioxide. Particle fine uniform, narrow particle size distribution, similar to the import of titanium dioxide. After special surface treatment, good dispersion, high affinity with resin. Insulation between titanium dioxide particles, so that titanium dioxide particles keep a certain distance from each other, give full play to the performance of titanium dioxide, improve the efficiency of covering. The product is pure and free from black particles to ensure the purity of the product.

Application: plastic, with good dispersibility, can enhance the hardness and stiffness of plastic, maintain the surface gloss and brightness of plastic, especially suitable for the manufacture of home appliance shell high gloss PP and nylon parts.

Powder coating, can enhance the leveling and light retention of powder coating, and has a good compatibility with all colors, can improve the powder in the spraying process to achieve the most ideal film thickness, improve the powder rate, reduce the amount of powder coating, powder coating is the grade of the required product.

Packing: 25kg/ bag, using paper plastic composite bag, or according to customer requirements.

Precautions: moisture-proof, tear proof and pollution proof. Do not store with colored items.


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