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What are the advantages of superfine barium sulfate in use?

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The color of ultrafine barium sulfate precipitate is white, there is no AI (OH) 2, only AI (OH) 3, and it is white flocculating precipitate. White powder, odorless, tasteless, density 4.5, is a high proportion of mineral powder. It is a kind of chemical raw materials with high chemical stability and high purity. Ultrafine barium sulfate mainly exists in nature in the form of barite with the molecular formula BaSO4. Pure barium sulfate is white and shiny.

For powder coatings, the modified ultrafine barium sulfate can improve the leveling property and light retention property of powder coatings, and has good compatibility with various pigments. It can improve the coating thickness of powder coating in the process of spraying, improve the loading rate of powder and reduce the amount of powder coating. Barium sulfate ultrafine flow is a production technology of producing barium sulfate by precipitation method. It adopts pure physical and chemical processing methods to process the selected barite ultrafine. The original production technology makes the particle size of the product strictly controlled within a certain range. Ultrafine barium sulfate has the characteristics of fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution. The average particle size of primary particles is in the range of 0.01 ~ 0.08 μm, and the particle size distribution is very narrow. Primary particles below 0.1 μm accounted for 90%, even more than 96%.

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Due to the special surface treatment of ultrafine barium sulfate, it has good dispersibility, and the fineness of scraper can reach 5 μ. Therefore, the modified coating has high gloss and thixotropy, and can help pigment dispersion, reduce pigment consumption, shorten grinding time, and save costs. Adopts the special craft refined and becomes, the chemical inert strong, the stability is good, the acid alkali resistance, the hardness is moderate, the specific gravity is high, the whiteness is high, can absorb the harmful ray. It is a kind of material with environmental protection function.

In order to make full use of the ultrafine barium sulfate, we must first understand the ultrafine barium sulfate manufacturer is soft or hard, choose different methods to eliminate the influence between particles, so as to achieve the full use of ultrafine barium sulfate in the paint system, improve the performance of the paint. Ultrafine barium sulfate is produced and processed in time by upstream powder manufacturers without surface modification by barium sulfate dispersant. Although the size of the ultrafine particles is very fine, due to the strong effect between the molecules, there will be agglomeration, must form a hard aggregation of powder particles.

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