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Do you know where barium sulfate can be mined

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Barium sulfate is not common in our life, but it is often used in the medical field. Mainly used for some gastrointestinal angiography, but pay attention to the usage and dosage when using. Of course, natural barium sulfate is also often used in industry, mainly in some reagents, whitening agents, rubber, paint, etc., so can it be used for oil extraction? Can natural barium sulfate be used for oil extraction?

Generally, acid asbestos absorbs carbon dioxide and estimates its carbon content in increments. Moisture measurement of dilute sulfur tons. The sample is oxidized by acid and converted to sulfate. It is formed by the extraction of barium sulfate. After precipitation, filtration, cleaning and fire extinguishing, the final sulfur content is determined according to the internal value. The deficiency of component synthesis is that the synthesis of carbon and sulfur in enterprises can not be used. The component method has the advantage of high accuracy. At present, the introduction is used as an international standard method to regulate research organizations. Can natural barium sulfate be used for oil extraction?

The emergence of natural barium sulfate opens up a way to solve this problem. Barium sulfate is high in content, so it is used in alcohol mining to prevent radiation. The purity of chemically refined barium sulfate is 99.9%. Barium powder was used as a fluorescent bleaching agent for the paper, which was solved by X-ray photography. Barium sulfate forms a shadow transmitted by X-ray rays in the gastrointestinal tract. It can be used to diagnose stomach problems. Barium sulfate is harmful to human health.

The above is the introduction of the total content of natural barium sulfate. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have other relevant content, please continue to pay attention to us. Can natural barium sulfate be used for oil extraction? Zibo Xinchuan Brake Materials Factory has a considerable capacity of new product development and research, the main product is precipitated barium sulfate. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the units and friends who have established business relations with our factory

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