What are the characteristics of heavy calcium carbonate in plastic products

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What are the properties of calcium carbonate in plastic products? We all know that in order to improve the rigidity, wear resistance, hardness, weather resistance and so on, in the plastic processing to participate in the appropriate amount of inorganic filler, but also can reduce the cost of production. Through special processing means, heavy calcium carbonate can also give special functions to plastic products, such as: used for breathable film, calcium carbonate filled polyolefin can be used to prepare breathable film, can be used for diapers, sanitary napkins and other products; Used for pearlescent film, BOPP pearlescent film has become the new favorite of packaging, mainly because of the good barrier of the data, together with the film data in the production and processing process of practice will take part in a certain amount of CaCO3 and pearlescent pigment, has a certain pearlescent effect, strong decoration.

Pearly membrane can be used for all kinds of bags, with good barrier property, convenient characteristic such as printing, beautiful, but in general, the polarity of the plastic and calcium carbonate differences, make the plastic products after adding physical function decreased, can improve calcium carbonate, with progress of its using effect in plastic professional, is a worthy of discussion of the category, technical problems. In the practice of production, in addition to the use of special lax additives to improve the slack of calcium carbonate, some of the tips summarized from the production process may be able to give you useful inspiration Oh.

The following chemical Xiaobian to share a few beneficial to plastic guess ultrafine calcium carbonate scattered tips. Generally speaking, the finer the calcium carbonate is, the more difficult it is to diffuse. It is necessary to eliminate or weaken its external polarity and decrease its external free energy in order to facilitate the diffuse calcium carbonate in plastic and rubber materials.

1, now the choice of method is to reduce the amount of powder: such as the original powder 100 kg, we suggest a powder 60 kg, low speed immediately after starting high speed, will greatly improve the problem of laxity.

2. In the case of ensuring that the particle size will not cause defects and abnormal functions of the product, add a part of the calcium carbonate 2500 model with large particle size: in the high-speed mixing process, the chance of bumping will be improved, and the partial depolymerization effect can also be played.

3, two to three times: this can improve the uniformity of PVC resin oil absorption, but also can improve calcium carbonate moisture progress lax.

4. Calcium carbonate activation rate has a significant impact on laxity: outstanding lipophilicity and hydrophobicity have a great help to the collection of calcium carbonate.

5, calcium carbonate in the process of processing most of the moisture control in 3% : in the later transportation and warehouse management of moistureproof to do a prevention, which has a great impact on the production of calcium carbonate.

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