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It is important to do a good job of protection when exposed to ultrafine barium sulfate

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Closed operation, partial exhaust air. It is necessary for operators to be specially trained and strictly abide by the operating procedures. Operators are advised to wear self-priming filter dust masks. Prevent dust generation. Prevent contact with reducing agents. Handle with light weight to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Natural ultra-fine barium sulfate contains many impurities. The artificial synthesis of ultra-fine barium sulfate greatly reduces the content of impurities, but in the production process, more or less, there will be some mechanical impurities in it. The less impurities, the more difficult it is to form mechanical black spots, and the better the quality.

Finish paint is widely used, because it has the characteristics of uniform particle distribution, high whiteness, low cohesion, so we spray paint in the future will feel the paint surface is more delicate, good gloss and other characteristics, so that the role of its spraying due to other products. Due to the advantages of ultra-fine barium sulfate insoluble in water and strong corrosion resistance, the sprayed surface is not simple to disintegrate in the exposure environment for a long time, and the color is relatively stable, which increases the service life.

The purity of the products processed by the ultrafine barium sulfate manufacturers, and other differences in the production process of ultrafine barium sulfate are also related. The purer the purity of ultrafine barium sulfate, the better the role it plays in the application. Therefore, in order to ensure the application performance of ultrafine barium sulfate, we must pay attention to the purity of the product of ultrafine barium sulfate.

Ultrafine barium sulfate as a filler in the production of colorful printing ink, adding 10% ~ 30%, ultrafine barium sulfate color, oil absorption value is stable,pH neutral. Used as a filler for plastic raw materials, it can improve the gloss of products, together with the strength, stiffness and wear resistance of products. Superfine barium sulfate below 500 mesh can be used in many packing rubber products, not only reduce the cost, but also improve the product hardness, acid and alkali resistance and water resistance.

Although the chemical properties of the ultrafine barium sulfate are relatively stable, if the dust of the ultrafine barium sulfate is relatively large in the exposed environment for a long time, in the production process, if you do not pay attention to it, it is very simple to breathe the dust into the lungs of the human body. Long-term operation without protection means will cause great harm to the human body. It is necessary to wear a protective mask.

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