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What is ultrafine calcium carbonate use domain and characteristic?

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The use of ultra-fine calcium carbonate can include plastic, rubber, sealant materials, paint, ink, paper, etc., and there are different use characteristics in different professions, we can learn about.

1, plastic: the primary scale of use for PVC profiles, pipes; Production of wire, cable rubber PVC film, shoe manufacturing, etc.

Use characteristics: due to the appearance of ultrafine calcium carbonate hydrophilic and hydrophobic, good compatibility with resin, can be useful to improve or conditioning products of stiffness, endurance, finish and bending strength; Improve the processing function, improve the rheological function, dimensional stability function, heat stability of products with filling and strengthening, toughening effect, can replace part of the expensive filling material and aid, reduce the amount of resin, and then reduce the production cost of products, improve the market competitiveness.

2, rubber: use scale: natural rubber, nitrile, butadiene, mixed rubber, etc.

Use characteristics: after the appearance modification of the ultrafine calcium carbonate and rubber has a good compatibility, with reinforcing, filling, color, improve the process and product function, can make rubber easy mixing, easy dispersion, mixing after soft rubber, rubber appearance lubrication; Can make the elongation of products, tensile strength, tear strength and other substantial progress.

3, sealant adhesive material: use scale: silicone, polyflow, polyurethane, epoxy and other sealant structure adhesive.

Use characteristics: used in sealant adhesive materials, and glue material has a good affinity, can speed up the crosslinking reaction of the glue, greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, enhance dimensional stability, improve the mechanical function of the glue, and add a large amount, to fill the quick strengthening of two layers of effect.

4, coating: use scale: waterborne coating and oil coating.

Use characteristics: greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, can significantly improve the adhesion of the coating, brush resistance, stain resistance, improve the strength and appearance of the finish, and has a very good anti-sedimentation effect.

5, ink: use scale: suitable for lithographic offset printing ink, intaglio printing ink, etc.

Use characteristics: the ink equipped with good body bone and viscosity, so it has good printing function; Good stability; It dries fast and has no opposite effect. Due to the small particles, so the printing lubrication, dot integrity, can improve the ink finish, suitable for high-speed printing.

6, papermaking: scale of use: cigarette paper, recording paper, page printing paper, high whiteness coated paper.

Usage characteristics: adding ultrafine calcium carbonate to paper can improve the bulk density, apparent delicacy, water absorption of paper; Improve the strength of special paper, high-speed printing; To regulate the burning rate of cigarette paper. ,

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