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How about the application of talcum powder in many fields

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The density of talc is 2.7~2.8g/cm3, similar to heavy calcium carbonate: high Mohs hardness, low wear to processing equipment; Soluble in a variety of organic solvents, insoluble in water, weak acid and weak base; At 380~500℃, the associative water can be lost, and at 700~900℃, the hydroxyl or structural water can be lost gradually. Above 1050℃, it crystallizes into enstatite of different forms, namely anhydrous magnesium silicate. The melting point of talc is 1557℃, so in the general plastic processing temperature of 300℃ or so, talc powder can be applied to a number of professions, the thermal stability of talc powder is beyond doubt.

The talcum powder mineral aggregates are generally in the form of dense blocks, sheets or scales. Pure talc is white, gray, pink, black, etc., among which the darker color of talc is caused by impurities. Pure talc has grease luster, greasy feeling, and has higher electrical insulation. The demand for talcum powder is increasing year by year. Talcum powder can be used for rubber, plastics, paint and other chemical industries as a filler for strengthening modification.

Talc powder can be used to manufacture high-frequency porcelain, wireless porcelain, various industrial ceramics, architectural ceramics, daily ceramics and ceramic glaze, etc.; Makeup grade use: it is a good filler for cosmetics profession; Pharmaceutical use: used in medicine, food additives; Paper grade use: for all kinds of high and low levels of paper industry products.

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