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How to improve the whiteness of calcium carbonate?

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The whiteness is an important physical and chemical property of calcium carbonate. The higher the whiteness, the better the quality of the product. In order to make calcium carbonate can meet the needs of industrial production, manufacturers also need to do the following points, in order to improve the whiteness of products.

1. Strengthen management and improve the level of equipment: calcium carbonate production equipment, you get what you pay for. Manufacturers should try to buy high quality production equipment, and strengthen the inspection and maintenance of equipment together.

2. Fine selection of raw ore, together with the analysis of iron ore overspend, the general requirements of Fe2O3≤0.1%, more than 0.2%, the product will turn yellow or even red to form a drop in whiteness, then need to be processed by chemical agents in addition to iron, such as the formation of iron pollution due to equipment, can also be the same treatment, if not iron overspend can not be used in this way, Otherwise, it will decrease the whiteness.

3. Analyze the chemical composition of calcite and products. If the other impurities in the ore are overspent, the whiteness will also be not high. If oneself contains chromatic mineral high, should use bleach skill, with the whiteness of progress product.

The whiteness of calcium carbonate is affected by the quality of the production equipment and the quality of the ore. In the production, we can take effective measures to improve the whiteness of calcium carbonate from these two aspects. Of course, we can also use the method of reducing bleaching or oxidizing bleaching or both to bleach the product.

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