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A change to add talcum powder to latex paint

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Emulsion paint is now very commonly used indoor metope adornment material, without one! Emulsion paint industry also begins to become sophisticated rise, a lot of big brand products are passed the moment examination, the product range of choice is very wide also. Emulsion paint is the indispensable coating in the life, now, can use it in decorating a process. Good quality latex paint, it is a big advantage that gets a person to welcome. Want to achieve higher quality latex paint requirements, we must rely on talcum powder, detailed reasons for the following points, for reference only.

Increase talcum powder in latex paint, can make the coating hardness is higher, more conducive to the increase in the reduction of construction difficulty, so that the building construction beauty rise. As we know, talcum powder is an essential part of the coating, only by increasing the coating of talcum powder, can we have better corrosion resistance. But need to note: talcum powder is not a year can increase in unlimited amount, if participate in excessive talcum powder in emulsion paint, can make emulsion paint produces precipitation, make quality drops, and use amount is too little, also can affect emulsion paint useful and beautiful sex. When adding talcum powder, pay attention to increasing the temperature, otherwise it will affect the quality of latex paint.

Latexi paint in our impression is a hazard, and talcum powder is recognized as a hazard, when the two combined, is not a hazard? Here, we only need to pay attention to one index of latex paint: TVOC, the total volatile organic compounds. Contains benzene, aldehydes, aromatic hydrocarbons... The country will make factory rules for emulsion paint TVOC, the lower the value, the better.

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