Application and effect of precipitated barium sulfate in coating

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The physical and chemical properties of barium sulfate: barium sulfate is white or gray white crystalline powder, is an important barium containing ore, with strong chemical lazy, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, high density, moderate hardness, high specific gravity, high whiteness, can absorb harmful rays (X rays and Y rays) and other advantages. Glassy, non - magnetic and non - toxic. And has the environmental protection function of the material, so widely used in a variety of coatings, senior ink, rubber, paper making, ceramics, cosmetics and other fields. Refined barium sulfate is also used in senior paint, engineering plastics (home appliance shell, building materials plastic), senior insulating rubber, rubber products, cathode expansion rod of battery, but also can be used in ceramics, enamel glaze materials, etc..

Precipitated barium sulfate is used as filler, brightener and intensifier in rubber, plastics, paper making, paint, ink, coating and other occupations. Barium sulfate can be used for decoration of internal and external walls to shield X rays and Y rays, and to prevent the leakage of isolated rays.

Barium sulfate acting on titanium dioxide and pigment in the plastic guess gasket can reduce the amount of pigment and save about 10% of the cost.

Barium sulfate (about 25%) is applied to PP appearance like ABS, and does not affect the existing characteristics of PPV, providing gloss and high hardness appearance.

Barium sulfate can reach the 80% filling rate of its component. It can be used in drainage pipes, speakers and acOUStics to isolate noise and noise. Barium sulfate N can be used in window cloth to increase the amount of aggravation. Used for home appliances shell can improve gloss, good hue, surface scratch resistance, size stability and other advantages.

Barium sulfate is used as a physical pigment in coating. It plays a very important role in improving the thickness, wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, external hardness and impact resistance of the coating. In addition, barium sulfate has a high reflectance at the wavelength of 300-400 microns, which can protect the paint film from photoaging. It is a useful and inexpensive white inorganic light stabilizer. Because of its low oil absorption and high filling capacity, it can reduce the cost of coating. It can be used for waterborne coatings, primers, intermediate coatings, oil-based coatings, etc. With its replacement of water-based coating in titanium dioxide 10%-25%, the whiteness of the results of the progress of the concealment rate did not decline.

Paint and thick slurry coating: barium sulfate high filling can be applied to all painting series, such as primer, high build coating etc all types than the arrival of the product appearance and particle size of division and easy mobility, make in the manufacturing process of barium sulfate day has low wear resistance, barium sulfate referrals for active outside surface primer, even when the high fill also adhere to the good uniformity and lubrication degree.

Finish paint: sulphuric acid negative is better than most other fillers, especially in chemical resistance coating, its lazy, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic intermediary, gloss and particle fineness make the finish can be maintained in long time exposure, barium sulfate is recommended for finish paint, it can add external hardness, color stability.

Emulsion paint: as a result of component reason, barium sulfate can be used at emulsion paint only, mainly be used at high brightness and silk grain paint, have "acidproof" emulsion paint say, even when exposing also acidproof function, the easy dispersing sex of barium sulfate keeps optical activity and easy stay movable sex can add its chemical function, barium sulfate can be used at the same high light paint and emulsion paint.

Wood products and paint: barium sulfate has the characteristics of low cohesion, low light dispersion and fine particle holding, especially suitable for paint topcoat, varnish, spray paint, etc. According to research barium sulfate has chemical resistance and weather resistance.

Powder coating: in powder coating, barium sulfate can improve its luster, fluidity, filling and compatibility with various pigments.

Ultra-fine barium sulfate has an excellent isolation effect between the particles of white or colored pigments, so that the particles of pigments adhere to a certain interval between each other, improving the efficiency of pigments. In particular, the barium sulfate particles are small, functional, free titanium dioxide in ink, coating in the formation of the net open space, greatly improved the weather resistance of ink, paint, improve the quality of paint; And its impurities are very few, there will be no impurities and ink, coated with the organic material from the chemical reaction; In addition, in all the paint has excellent dispersion, can prevent the paint agglomeration, can improve the quality of paint, add the effect of fluidity.

Adhesive: good rheological properties, same filling and chemical resistance, making barium sulfate suitable for adhesives, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane series.

Elastomer, sealing body: barium sulfate is especially suitable for elastomer, it does not contain any heavy metal pollution or rubber gas, so it is especially suitable for food and medicine, and can provide its stability and anti-aging function.

Thermosetting body: barium sulfate has lazy, color stability, and other pigments can be combined to obtain better luster, mechanical door can be with low wear.

Thermoplastics: thermal conductivity and easy fluidity can reduce the injection molding time. Barium sulfate can be used as nucleating agent to improve its strength and thermal stability.

Pigment: Light reflection can adhere to the complete color of the pigment.

The use of the above function, can replace part of titanium dioxide without affecting the quality of the coating

1, replace 30% below titanium dioxide (1) the use of dozens of ink, paint manufacturers experiment, the effect is obvious (2) to save cost; (3) add the weatherability of the paint film; (4) improve the quality of paint, improve liquidity. 2, replace the following 30% titanium dioxide, will not affect (1) concealment (2) gloss

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